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LockDown Living Room Comedy Show Episode 10


In this episode of the Lockdown Living Room Comedy Show, Cupid talks about a real shit head.
After that, he shows how Dr. Fauci predicted the Coronavirus pandemic in 2017.

Nancy Pelosi is Dummy of the Day for not practicing what she preaches.

Richard Quest is the subject of this episode's Dirty Laundry segment, and for very good reason.
Later, there's more Nintendo in the Sports segment with Track and Field and Duck Hunt.

Tthe Creep Of The Week segment goes full blown Press Your Luck, and we bet you laugh when Cupid finds his range when he closes out the show singing Hook by Blues Traveler!
All this and more in the incredibly hilarious and unique, Love On Lockdown!
Get ready to have your mind stimulated and your heart tickled, it's the Lockdown Living Room Comedy Show!
Mature Audiences Only.
Duration: 7mins0secs

Original Release Date: 10/7/2020

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