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LockDown Living Room Comedy Show Episode 12


In this episode of the Lockdown Living Room Comedy Show, we begin with a hilarious story from one of Puppet's friends at Puppet's tribute.
On Love On Lockdown, Cupid covers Hunter Biden's laptop and has a Fukushima update.
It's NUTS in this week's Sports section with Mortal Kombat and NES' Golf.

There's a fun lesson in Saturn And Jupiter conjunctions and how they correlate to U.S. president's deaths. Will this conjunction  be any different?

Who is Creep Of The Week?

And finally, Cupid breaks out the guitar to close the show!
There's only one show with light, love, laughter and music!
It's the Lockdown Living Room Comedy Show!
Duration: 8mins45secs

Original Release Date: 10/23/2020

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