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LockDown Living Room Comedy Show Episode 18


In this ultra hilarious episode of the Lockdown Living Room Comedy Show, we start off with more from The Puppet Show starring Puppet The Psycho Dwarf.

Next on Love On Lockdown, Cupid rants about how there's no end in sight to the unbelievable stock market rally.

Then, we introduce ANOTHER BRAND NEW segment titled, Bonerjammin'. There's another puppet in the house and Cupid tries to get some answers!

Next, Cupid nails a prediction with the book, Dow 36,000 in the You Saw It First Predictive Programming segnemt.

After that, The Goddess Of Humor, Carol Johnson tells us what she thinks about the movie, Valentine's Day in, Carol's Critiques.

And finally, Cupid sings us out with some Motograter!

It's the one and only, Lockdown Living Room Comedy Show!

Mature Audiences Only.

Duration: 10mins28secs

Original Release Date: 2/14/2021


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