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LockDown Living Room Comedy Show Episode 19


In this episode of the Lockdown Living Room Comedy Show,

Puppet The Psycho Dwarf starts us off dancing to Marvin Gaye from one of his stand up shows!

Then, Cupid lets it rip on Love On Lockdown!

B. shows up for some fun in the wacky segment, Bonerjammin'!

The Goddess Of One Liners Sandy Bernstein gives us an ULTRA FUNNY grammar lesson in, Sandy Says!

Cupid shows you how the hard rock band, The Dearly Beloved and the T.V. show the Simpsons predicted the future.

Finally, The Goddess of Humor, Carol Johnson gives us a DIZZYING review of the famous painting, The Scream on, Carol's Critiques!

Watch The LockDown Living Room Comedy Show NOW!

Mature Audiences Only.

Duration: 12mins50secs

Original Release Date: 2/28/2021




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