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LockDown Living Room Comedy Show Episode 23


In this episode of the one of a kind LockDown Living Room Comedy Show, we hear another funny story about Puppet at his celebration of life.

On Love On Lockdown, Cupid gets a little worked up when he exposes the fear mongering CNN.

The Goddess Of One Liners Sandy Bernstein, goes off on a rant about the spelling on a billboard from BP.

Cupid has lots of fun checkin' in with his friend, B. in the completely wacky segment, Bonerjammin'.

It gets weird when Robocop is the subject of this week's, You Saw It First Predictive Programming segment.

And The Goddess Of Humor Carol Johnson, reviews her appearance on the Larry Grochowski show!

Finally, Cupid closes out the show singing a little One Minute Silence! SING ALONG!

What are you waiting for, watch the LockDown Living Room Comedy Show, NOW!


Duration: 16mins34secs

Original Release Date: 5/7/2021


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