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LockDown Living Room Comedy Show Episode 24


In this episode of the crazy Lockdown Living Room Comedy Show, we have more ultra funny
stand up comedy from Puppet The Psycho Dwarf!
Then on Love On LockDown, Cupid gives an update on Black Lives Matter.

Later, B. seems to be REALLY losing his mind in the Bonerjammin' segment.
The Goddess Of One Liners Sandy Bernstein, pumps up the humor in a lesson about a gym adverstisement in the educational, Sandy Says!
1987's, The Running Man predicts the future BIG TIME, and Cupid shows it in the, You Saw It First Predictive Programming segment! It's a MUST SEE!
Things get a little turned around with the Goddess Of Humor Carol Johnson in, Carol's Critiques!
And Cupid ends the show by doing his own version of "We're Comin' To Kill Ya" from the little known zombie flick, Dead And Breakfast.
You won't see comedy like this ANYWHERE else. For realsies.
It's the one and only, LockDown Living Room Comedy Show!
Duration: 14mins40secs
Original Release Date: 5/15/2021

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