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LockDown Living Room Comedy Show Episode 26


In another episode of the, LockDown Living Room Comedy Show more stand up comedy starts us off with hilarious highlights from Puppet The Psycho Dwarf!

Then on Love On LockDown, B. brags to Cupid about how the ladies are blowin' up his phone on Bonerjammin',

The Goddess Of One Liners, Sandy Bernstein hits the high humor and truly fires it up in, Sandy Says!

More cool music in the Music of the Month!

Cupid talks about how The T.V. show, The Last Man On Earth predicted the Coronavirus pandemic in the, You Saw It First Predictive Programming segment. You HAVE to see it!

In Carol's Critiques, The Goddess Of Humor Carol Johnson, makes Cupid go berserk when she critiques one of her OWN pieces of fan mail. Hilarity ensues.
And finally, Cupid sings us out with a very well known song dedicated to Jeffrey Epstein.
Did we mention there's lots more in there too?
Only one show ties music, comedy, current events and more ALL together, it's the LockDown Living Room Comedy Show!
Duration: 14mins28secs
Original Release Date: 6/9/2021



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