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LockDown Living Room Comedy Show Episode 31


In this HOT AND HILARIOUS episode of the LockDown Living Room Comedy Show, Adult Film mega star, Samantha38g is on Cupid's couch and let me tell you, things get wild.

See if Cupid can keep his cool while talking to Samantha about her super sexy career.

The early days of internet porn, going viral without social media and even a Horror Movie quiz are all topics of discussion. The show dives deep into Samantha's ENORMOUS cleavage to see what's hiding in there.

Cupid's twin brother Anteros shows up to try and derail the interview, but Madame Suzette is there to take out the trash and keep things rolling.

Cupid ends the interview with an all original jingle about Samantha's HUGE ASSETS.

Later on Love On LockDown, Cupid goes over inflation once again.

The Goddess Of One Liners, Sandy Bernstein lets a fan of Samantha38g have it over  a social media post! in, Sandy Says!

Cupid shows you how the movie The Pink Cloud predicted the future in the, You Saw It First Predictive Programming segment.

The Goddess Of Humor Carol Johnson decides to critique Cupid in this week's, Carol's Critiques!

Cupid almost loses his cool, but does a great job of keeping it together.

And then Cupid tries to serenade Samantha38g with a quick rendition of Marvin Gaye's, Let's Get It On!

All that and SO MUCH MORE on the LockDown Living room Comedy Show!


Duration:  46mins52secs

Original Air Date: 3/15/2022

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