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Lockdown Living Room Comedy Show Episode 35


In this fun filled season finale of The Lockdown Living Room Comedy Show, Puppet The Psycho Dwarf brings us his hilarious and one of a kind stand up!
This was his last Pay Per View before his sudden death in 2020.
Then on Love On Lockdown, Cupid covers everything from a meteor impact in California, to the safe and effective Covid vaccine, to Kanye West and Herschel Walker.
Sandy Bernstein has a hilarious grammar lesson inspired by Jason Mamoa's "motercycle" in Sandy Says.
1981's, Early Warning is the movie featured in the You Saw It First Predictive Programming Segment. The human microchip and the 90's movie, Demolition Man are also discussed.
Carol Johnson has beef with A LOT of iconic holiday films in this installment of Carol's Critiques.
And finally, Cupid wraps up the season with a short go around with his twin brother, Anteros.
Watch the one and only Lockdown Living Room Comedy Show!
DURATION: 35mins33secs


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