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Lockdown Living Room Comedy Show Episode 39


In this effed up episode of the Lockdown Living Room Comedy Show we begin with a clip of Puppet The Psycho Dwarf in the movie, Leprechaun 2.

After that is an AMAZING metal remix of Tiffany Gomas and TMFINR. You HAVE to hear it.

Then on Love on Lockdown, Cupid shares his theory on why society is so dark among lots of other things.

Anteros takes us Mean Tweetin' with Karl Denninger and it is a well worth your time knock off.

Cupid shows us the CEO of Warner Brothers tweeted that Aaron Rodgers would get hurt before the game between the Jets and Bills in the, You Saw It First Predictive Programming segment.

Next, the Goddess Of Humor Carol Johnson gives her reviews of Barbie and Meg 2.

And finally, Cupid and his brother end with a cover of, Guy Love from the T.V. show Scrubs.

This is another hilarious and absolutely wild episode of, the Lockdown Living Room Comedy Show!


Release Date: 9/30/23

Duration: 18mins03secs

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