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Lockdown Living Room Comedy Show Episode 40


In this Lockdown Living Room Comedy Show Halloween Special, we get a hilarious mixed bag of goodies!

We begin with a hilarious clip of Conrad Thompson of and WWE Superstar, Jeff Jarrett reminiscing about Puppet!

Then we get a hilarious mashup of the View and the movie Stepbrothers!

Next up is the neighbors cat and then Cupid ramps up the silly and spooky with Love On Lockdown!

Does Iran's flag mean death? Cupid looks into the country's recent actions.

The return of the McRib is discussed.

Cupid's twin brother, Anteros reports the extreme weather forecast with the help of Al Gore and Terminator 2.

Liam Neeson's, Taken is the focus of the You Saw It First segment. It's a little different this time.

NES', Track and Field II makes its way into the Sports segment again.

Carol Johnson covers LOTS of horror movies in Carol's Critiques. From Friday the 13th to the Craft!

Cupid ends the show with an incredible mashup of SNES', Mario Paint and the opening title sequences of the Halloween movies!

This is the BEST way to spend Halloween night! Watch the show NOW!


DURATION: 14mins23secs

RELEASE DATE: 10/31/23

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