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Lockdown Living Room Comedy Show Episode 41


In another insane episode of the Lockdown Living Room Comedy Show, Puppet starts us off with a clip from one of his movies to help explain he is NOT Wee Man.

Then is a hilarious mashup of the View and Billy Madison.

Later on Love on Lockdown, Cupid covers everything from interest rates, electric cars and shitting your pants at work.

We have new music from The Dearly Beloved.

There's an eye opening weather report from Anteros.

Cupid covers news from NES' Super Dodgeball and Pro Wrestling and then brings Al Gore out of SNES' NBA Jam.

The Goddess of Humor Carol Johnson reveals she has slept with an Oscar nominee.

Who's Creep of the Week this week?
And then  Cupid ends with a fun take on Meet the Parents with the help of CNBC.

All this and more on the one and only standup comedy show that is, The Lockdown Living Room Comedy Show!


DURATION: 18mins26secs



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