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LockDown Living Room Comedy Show Episode 8


In this hilarious episode of the Lockdown Living Room Comedy Show, Puppet The Psycho Dwarf talks about the LockDown media tour and how he is afraid of being the MOST WANTED man in the WGN broadcasting building due to his actions. It is a story you don't want to miss!
On Love On Lockdown, Cupid shows the ULTRA LOW mortality rate of the Coronavirus and goes on quite the rant, Joe Biden's butt buddy gets brought up, Halloween III is used as a teaching tool about the moon, Bitchy Betty gets pissed about a penis on the weather map, world leaders talking of pounding people's mouths with punches, video games and more, ALL PACKED in this one episode!
It's the ONE AND ONLY LockDown Living Room Comedy Show!
This is Puppet The Psycho Dwarf's final episode before his sudden and unexpcted death in September of 2020.
Puppet's comedy will live on forever.
Mature Audiences Only.
Duration: 18mins35secs

Original Release Date: 9/23/2020

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